Let FireMaster Turn Your Dreams into a Reality


At FireMaster, we want you to enjoy your pool or spa for years to come!  Maintaining proper water chemistry is vital to the safety and long term use of your pool or spa. Safe common chemicals are added to pools and spas to kill disease-causing germs, improve water quality, and to prevent damage to your pool or spa.

FireMaster can guide you through the process of selecting and purchasing the chemicals and water testing supplies you will need. Be sure to store and use chemicals properly for the safety of your family and pets.



When it comes to keeping your pool clean and clear, the chemicals from BioGuard do it best.  From the simple 3 step system, to their SaltScapes line, they have all of the products needed to keep your pool sparkling clear all year.  Stop in today for a computerized water analysis, and to receive a shopping list tailored to your specific water conditions.  The BioLab makes pool care easier than ever.

Natural Chemistry

Now that you are ready to enjoy your pool or spa, make sure to extend the life of your equipment by maintaining excellent water quality. Natural Chemistry provides a unique product line to solve virtually any water quality issue that you may face. All products can be used with any method of sanitization, from chlorine to salt generators. Natural Chemistry produces harmless products that improve the overall system efficiency of your pool and spa and they are guaranteed to perform as promised.