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In-Ground Pools

You have almost limitless options when selecting the perfect in-ground pool. Whether you’re pool is for fitness or entertainment, we’ll help you select the size, shape and style that’s right for you. You are in good hands with FireMaster professionals who understand that an in-ground pool should match not only your lifestyle and your surroundings, but also your budget. Our inventory includes a full line of fiberglass in-ground pools from Trilogy Pools.

Trilogy Pools

Talk about custom! Trilogy Pools builds your swimming pool in the model and color you choose. Trilogy’s limitless fiberglass swimming pool design options, luxurious color choices and award-winning durability let you jump into the good life – at a great value.

The Process

Now that you have determined an approximate budget for your in-ground pool, FireMaster professionals will walk you through the process and help you:

  • Assess the desired location on your property to determine if it is ideal for your in-ground pool
  • Determine your long-term intended use of the pool (leisure or fitness, kid-friendly, etc.
  • Select a pool style including shape, size, and color
  • Review necessary chemicals and/or equipment which will aid you in pool maintenance
  • Understand pool maintenance and how to achieve and maintain a pristine and healthy pool
  • Choose an appropriate time for installation that suits your schedule