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Made from cast iron or steel, wood-burning stoves are an eco-friendly and stylish way to heat a space efficiently. Wood burning stoves add instant warmth and timeless style to your home. Once considered “old fashioned” or “antique”, today’s wood burning stoves are as charming and reliable as the stoves from a by-gone era.

Buck Stove

Buck Stove offers top quality wood stoves to meet your indoor and outdoor heating needs. A variety of products offer features such as built-in storage for wood or stylish accessories to create a freestanding unit. Each stove meets stringent emission standards. Buck Stove offers both catalytic and non-catalytic models.


Wood-burning and pellet stoves from Enerzone provide an attractive and economical way to heat your home. With many shapes, sizes and styles to choose from, Enerzone has a model for you. The Enerzone website provides an energy calculator and links to government incentives for the purchase of an Enerzone stove.

Hearthstone Stoves

Hearthstone Stoves do not simply give you heat, they add a work of art to your home. The artisans who create these hand made soapstone stoves take such great pride in their work, they scribe their name on each and every stove. Different color options and side door loading mean a Hearthstone Stove will fit in any home.

Monesson Gas Stoves

Monesson produces gas stoves in vented and non-vented models, with heating capacities of over 2,000 square feet. Their models have a vintage appearance with modern features.